Did you know Çeşme has one of the largest sources of thermal waters? Due to this, Çeşme has been an increased interest in the present days, and many operators of thermal tourism have began to serve in this direction.

Thermal water sources in our country are ranked 7th in the European Ranks. The waters are also known as a natural miracle due to the amount of minerals in them. At the same time it is clourless and odourless. The waters found in the Aegean region are the richest waters to be found. Çeşme intended to provide it’s guests with the best thermal tourism opportunities. The water sources found in Çeşme have countless healing properties of many diseases. The list of health problems it can heal start with a few named below;

  • Hormonal and metabolism; protein metabolism support, lipid metabolism (cholesterol) support, diabetes gout.
  • Nervous System and Sciatica etc. Poststroke period. Keeps painful nerves at a low level.
  • Skeletal System and Muscle Diseases; sholuder, back and neck pains, injuries and fractures, periods after orthopedic surgery
  • Skin Diseases; acne, eczema, psoriasis.